Ascension Day


Ascension Day

Thy Kingdom Come



Message from Revd. Michelle.

Over the past several years The Church of England has marked this 10 day period with a series of events all under the same heading of Thy Kingdom Come, You may recall last year that we had a "washing line" outside the front of church and we invited everyone to collect a piece of ribbon from inside church and to tie it on the line. . . each ribbon representing a prayer said for various situations, family members etc. (see photo attached) This year I intend to do the same. . . I believe such a visual image of the communities prayers for one another may help to lift the spirits of all who journey by. Obviously we won't be able to have church open, and therefore people will need to take their own wool, string, ribbon or strip of old fabric etc with them but I'm sure the community will rise to the occasion. It will not be my intention to encourage people to go out of their way to do this but certainly for those who can incorporate it into their daily walk - or trip to Sainsbury's I think it will be a good prayerful thing to do and will be a strong visible sign of many prayers being said at this difficult time. It is certainly my experience at the moment that more and more people are turning to things 'spiritual' for strength and support. . . it is therefore a good time to remind people that Christianity, and our faith and trust in Jesus Christ enables us to pray directly to our creator - pray directly to the one who is compassionate towards his creation and is ever present with us in all our times of need. . . including now!


So if you are thinking about throwing out an old duster, and odd sock, or anything fabric related at all. . . think again. . .it could be a prayer ribbon on our line of prayer!


If you are unable to go yourself and you would like me to add a ribbon for you please do just ask, I will most definitely do so (I have many meters of ribbon from last year) also if you would like me to tie a specific prayer to the line on your behalf I am able to print them out and laminate them, just email me your wording and I will do so for you. . . such prayers may be helpful to others as they pause and read them.


The prayer line will be there from Thursday 21st through to the beginning of June and depending on how well it goes I may leave it until mid June? 



In conjunction with Thy Kingdom Come I have also attached a few other prayer resources from the Thy Kingdom Come website. 

should you wish to view the website which has various videos and other information on it you can access it via:


Please click on the link below.

Daily Prayer for Thy Kingdom Come

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